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Do you know where you want to build your next adventure? I’ll give you a tip! Buy an airline ticket to Lisbon, one of Portugal’s oldest and most exciting capitals in Europe. Book one of hundreds of possible hotels or hostels, pack your suitcase and join me in Lisbon for an unforgettable trip to the most beautiful places and hidden corners of the city! Discover many of Lisbon’s most traditional neighbourhoods, explore its rich history, and allow yourself to be surprised by one of Europe’s greatest treasures!

Do not hesitate to contact me! In addition to tours by foot or public transport through Lisbon’s old town, visits to museums and churches, and thematic visits (day trips or roundtrips throughout Portugal - only when the trip details are held by any travel agency) it is my pleasure to make you an individual offer and to tailor a tour that fulfils your specific wish. Please send me an email in the contact field with your request and desired tour, and I promise that I will answer you as soon as possible.

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