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During the past few years, I have enjoyed the opportunity to receive and accompany groups of tourists from all over the world. In all of my tours, whether focusing on particular cities, museums or across Portugal, I always endeavour to build a connection between the country and its guests, which, along with providing a good dose of humour and expertise, enables them to have an unforgettable experience.

My areas of ​​responsibility as a tourist guide include the following areas:

 Reception, welcome and information at Lisbon airport;

 Accompanying transfers to / from hotel

 Accompanying half- and full-day tours in Lisbon and its surroundings

 Accompanying whole trips across Portugal


If you or your agency is interested in working with me, simply send me an email in the contact area. I will answer your questions, inform you of my availability, and please remember that I am always available to help.

© Filipe Alves

Customer satisfaction is our objective!

Protect your group against illegal and unqualified tourist guides and always choose a licensed tourist guide to accompany your group! 


A qualified tourist guide in Portugal will have studied a three-year bachelor’s course in Tourism at university level and have successfully completed a national competency examination for tour guiding in at least three languages. Licensed guides should act as true ambassadors of Portuguese culture and possess the knowledge and expertise to assist and accompany your group, taking care of it in all situations.

For further information about the job, contact SNATTI or the AGIC Guide Association.

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