Tour to Vidigueira and Beja

Vidigueira and Beja—visit the hidden treasures and heritage of the ancient City of Beja, and be delighted with the flavors of the Alentejo wines in an antique wine cellar.

This tour invites you to know the southern and warmest part of the region of Alentejo, visiting Beja and Vidigueira. After leaving the hotel, we will drive south to Vidigueira by the countryside roads of Alentejo, for a beautiful sightseeing tour by car. Once arrived in town, you will observe a perfect example of how wine should be treated and preserved at Cella Vinaria Antiqua. Taste the smooth, fruited, gentle wine of Alentejo and, delight the taste of centuries of careful dedication, on keeping and developing the fine art of Wine!

After the aperitif to enter in this marvelous part of the Alentejo it will be time to enjoy the pleasures of irresistible creative cuisine of Portugal in one of the local "alentejano" restaurants (meal not included). After a relaxing break for lunch, the cultural tour will start. Protected by an imposing castle and surrounded by walls, this important city was inhabited by Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews and Christians. They all left their signature on local palaces, convents, churches and neighbourhoods.

With high cultural and environmental interest, this City offers visitors the chance to stroll in a the old town, visiting the House of the Gouvernor, the Roman Ruins, República Square, manueline arcades and arches, the incredible beautiful Church of Our Lady of Prazeres, known as Portugal's Sistine chapel and the highlight of a Tour to Beja: the visit to the Museum Rainha Dona Leonor. This Museum is filled with hundreds of Sevilian glazed tiles and exhibits an impressive collection of paintings, visigothic artifacts, and the famous window from where the nun Mariana Alcoforado, watched his beloved French officer, the Marquis de Chamilly. After this visit we will return to our hotel.

Duration 9 hours

Prices Upon Request

* All Tours are available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Italian

Avoid illegal and unqualified tour guides; always choose a licensed tourist guide to accompany your group!

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